Non-Traditional Formats


For many people, the traditional psychotherapy format is best. For others, however, coming to my office is not the most effective, or even an option. Whether it is due to mental or physical illness, family circumstances, geography, or a myriad of other reasons, sometimes we need to adapt the model. I am flexible, and believe the treatment should suit the client. As long as we are all comfortable with the arrangement, I am happy to work with you to find the setting that best meets your needs.  In the past, I have provided counseling in settings such as: 

  • Home Based: Sometimes, it is most beneficial to meet on your (or your child’s) turf. I am able to travel up to 10 miles from my home in Northwest Philadelphia to meet you in your own space, to truly base treatment around you. This is especially helpful for play and family counseling. 

  • Video chat: With the advancement of technology, therapy can be accessible from anywhere! This also allows flexibility of scheduling and location. Many parents of young children, trauma survivors, and teens with limited transportation find this option especially beneficial. This also allows you to ensure your comfortability during the session (my dog may even pop in to say hello!). 

  • Community: Sometimes the weather is so perfect that a session in a secluded spot in the park is ideal. Sometimes, venturing to a public spot allows us to practice responding to triggers. Sometimes, the presence of a pet or the sound of birds chirping can allow for comfort that an office setting does not. Sometimes, being in a non-traditional setting just makes sense! 

I have had sessions in coffee shops, schoolyards, libraries, parks, hospital bedsides, zoos, and even a community pool (I’m a good swimmer!). Please contact me to discuss what special settings would best suit your needs. I strive to make Tim Gunn proud and “make it work!”