Childhood is often envisioned as a happy, idyllic time. Unfortunately, this is rarely the reality. I work with children of all ages and backgrounds. I have trained in play and experimental therapy, applied behavioral analysis (ABA), behavioral therapy, and treatments for early exposure to trauma and loss. I am also experienced in providing treatment for nonverbal children and children under four-years-old. Though children may be small, their feelings and challenges are not. My work with children is thus focused on helping them to understand their world and how to thrive within it.

Note: I am experienced and comfortable working with young, special needs, and non-verbal children.  Please feel free to contact me to discuss specific concerns or necessary adaptations for you or your child. 


Adolescents often face as many - if not more- stressors as adults, but are rarely given the support they need. Many teens struggle to cope with anxiety, depression, eating disorders, sexuality, relationship challenges, family issues, academic struggles, and countless other problems, all while trying to understand their place in the world as they move from childhood to adulthood. This is a LOT! In my work with teens, I strive to help them make sense of the world and their unique place in it. We work together to help clients develop coping skills, tap into their inner strength, and recognize their potential for growth.