Everyone has a story.


Hi, I’m Kat.

I am a licensed psychotherapist in Philadelphia. I love my work because it allows me the great privilege of being invited into someone’s story. Our stories make us who we are. I believe that by exploring and examining our stories, we gain greater control over the narrative.

My unique blend of warmth and tenacity set me apart as a therapist and allow me to work with clients towards meaningful change. I genuinely value the relationships I form with clients. My goal is to make everyone I work with feel safe, respected and accepted for who they are. Every client is an individual, so I tailor my approach to each client’s specific needs to help them flourish and achieve their goals.  

My practice is shaped by a combination of formal education and hands on experience, including advanced training in psychoanalysis, child psychology, play therapy, couples therapy, and family therapy.

In my current practice, I work with clients on issues including anxiety, depression, trauma, chronic illness, relationships, life transitions, eating disorders, sexuality, and many others.
My professional experience includes providing therapy in a myriad of forms to patients ranging in age from hours-old to 104-years-old, and almost everything in between. I specialize in helping clients navigate through the most difficult parts of their stories, including difficult beginnings/childhoods/adolescence, trauma survival, life transitions, and the intertwining of stories within relationships.



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